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Sir Nicholas - Centenarian

Sir Nicholas Winton celebrated his 100th birthday on May 19th 2009.

The Power of Good

In 1939, Nicholas Winton personally saved the lives of 669 children. Most of them were Jewish — from Czechoslovakia, which was soon to be occupied by the Nazis.

He brought them to Britain and kept it a secret for nearly 50 years. In 2002 Queen Elizabeth II conferred knighthood on Winton.

Winton, about to become a centenarian, is an immensely compelling symbol of how a caring person can truly make a difference. Click here to see how Sir Nicholas celebrated his 99th birthday.


During her four day state visit to central Europe, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, met with Sir Nicholas in Bratislava, Slovakia. To see the article in the Telegraph click here.To see a video of the Queen's visit from the CBC click here.

Read and listen to Kim Masters' essay Finding A Hero Amid Fading Memories which was broadcast on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, October 11, 2008. It's an account of Kim's mother and her sisters who are Winton 'children.'

Czech filmmaker Matej Mináč made a documentary film of Winton's life "Nicholas Winton – The Power of Good" which won the International Emmy Award in 2002. The Gelman Educational Foundation has licensed a DVD of this film for use in educational settings. The DVD and an accompanying Study Guide are available from the foundation. (The Study Guide is also included as a PDF file on the DVD.) To request a copy of the DVD send us the following information: The date(s) on which the screening(s) will take place; who the audience will be; the number of people you are expecting at each screening; and whether or not the audience will be paying. Send the information by email to the Gelman Educational Foundation by clicking here.

A 6-minute Windows Media Player preview of the DVD may be downloaded from this site. The preview is in a WMV format. Download the file to your computer by clicking here and then play it.

You are required to pay a fee to show the film for non-educational purposes. Please contact Matej Mináč directly by clicking here.